This natural food product is obtained by acetic acid fermentation of wine from white and red grapes. Deep processing technology is applied. It contains 6% acetic acid. All mineral and biologically active components of wine pass into vinegar. In the course of alcohol and acetic acid fermentation, the vinegar also accumulates other important components increasing the nutritional value of the product. It is used for flavoring salads and dishes and for preservation. The useful and prophylactic action of vinegar is about thirty grams a day as it can be taken all at once or in parts, according to the flavoring of the dishes, salads or beverages.

The vinegar healing properties are highly effective due to its rapid absorption into the body. It dilutes the unnecessary and harmful thick and sticky materials which are deposited in blood vessels and various organs. In severe headache, discomfort of uncertain character, migraine, rhinitis, sinusitis, as well as strong insulation and high temperature, you can use vinegar compresses. Vinegar vapors are even more effective. If you put water and vinegar mixed in equal proportions over fire and breathe the vapors, you get instant relief of your condition. Once, tinnitus or fade were treated this way. In severe coughs, colds, flu, asthma, inflammation of the spleen, you take three to four times a day one tablespoon of vinegar, where dill is crushed (fresh, dried or seeds). When taken in moderate doses, it helps digestion, quenches thirst, and terminates internal bleeding, decreases swelling. Of course, you should not overuse the vinegar; it is to be used in moderate quantity. Once, the nervousness, agitation and strong causeless rage have also been treated with vinegar, which was added to the infusion of soothing herbs mixed with honey. Nowadays, the role of vinegar to enhance metabolism and reducing obesity is proven.