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The production facility of Veda Ltd is located in the town of Dolni Dabnik (15 km far from Pleven) in one of the best agricultural regions in Bulgaria with tradition in producing of wine and vinegar. This region is renowned for its environmental and high quality products.

Thanks to its unique high-tech developments the company has become the largest natural and organic vinegar manufacturer in Bulgaria.

The production process is fully automated which provides products’ flexibility and high quality of all products.
We are not satisfied only with the earned leading market share but strive to preserve our strong position in a long run term through:

  • Continuous expanding and modernizing of our own production facilities;

  • Purchase of new equipment from leading manufacturers;

  • Developing and implementing of new technologies in the vinegar production;

  • Strict control in our laboratories of the production during the entire manufacturing process and before leaving our warehouse;

  • Hiring the best specialists in the production of highly competitive products;

  • Continuous training and enhancing the qualification of our personnel.

The wide range and high quality of our products is highly appreciated not only at Bulgarian but also at the international consumer market thanks to our perfect cooperation with our local (including all large trade chains in the country) and international partners in the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Sweden, Russia, Romania, Macedonia, Pakistan and China.