The VINEGAR product is obtained by mixing wine and alcoholic vinegar. Wine vinegar is made of white or red wine that has undergone a process of acetification. The alcoholic vinegar is a product of the alcoholic fermentation of grain and subsequent acetic acid fermentation. In the production of VINEGAR, sulfides in limited quantity are used. The vinegar can be white or red depending on the type of wine vinegar that has been used. The liquid is not pasteurized because it is very important to keep alive the bacteria contained in vinegar. About 90% of them are identical to the bacteria in our stomach. They act as a disinfectant and as a remedy for gastric bacterial flora.

The VINEGAR product has a characteristic pale yellow or pink-reddish color, slight aroma and is light and pleasant in taste. VINEGAR highlights the main features of the dish as freshness, sweetness, flavor and more. If frying in a pan, you add a little vinegar, it will not only make products to become more brittle and delicious, but will eliminate odor and keep the nutrients. VINEGAR increases the secretion of saliva and gastric juices and hence improves digestion and absorption of food. You can use it as culinary acidification and for preserving food, home treatment for fever, insect bites, varicose veins and also for household deodorizing, decaling and many others. VEDA Ltd was the first company in Bulgaria that launched this product in 2015.