Organic Bee Honey Vinegar 5% acidity

//Organic Bee Honey Vinegar 5% acidity

Organic Bee Honey Vinegar 5% acidity

This product won an award for innovative product of the largest specialized exhibition in the field of food industry in Asia – SIAL China 2016 in Shanghai.

When we speak about vinegar we mean the liquid which is obtained from the fermentation of mead under the influence of acetic acid bacteria. Unbelievable but true! A product can be obtained of honey that retains all of its nutritional and healthy ingredients. Upon adding water and yeast, honey turns into honey wine and by the method of an acetic acid fermentation in modern apparatus – acetificator – under strict temperature and air quantity control, this exclusive product is obtained – organic bee honey vinegar. Retaining the natural vitamins and minerals honey, the product has a subtle aroma and flavor. Thermally unprocessed, it contains no artificial colors and flavors. The appearance of the precipitate is a natural process and does not affect the product quality. The production of honey vinegar uses a minimum of sulphites no preservatives and colorings are used. Typical in this case is that the liquid is not pasteurized because it is very important to keep alive the bacteria contained in vinegar. About 90% of them are identical to the bacteria in our stomach. They act as a disinfectant, as a remedy for gastric bacterial flora.

Honey Vinegar has a very characteristic golden color, delicate honey flavor and is light and pleasant in taste. 100 g of honey vinegar contain just 30 calories.