This product is derived from natural apple cider vinegar with the addition of 2% honey. The added honey enriches the flavor and gives a light and pleasant taste. The vinegar’s healing properties are highly effective in severe headache, discomfort of uncertain character, migraine, rhinitis, sinusitis; at high temperature we use vinegar compresses. Even more effective is its vaporization. If we put over fire a mixture of water and vinegar in equal proportions and breathe the vapors, we get instant relief of our condition. Thus tinnitus or fade were treated once. Compresses with vinegar and honey treat dark spots or bruising under the skin as well as dark circles under the eyes. When taken in moderate doses, it helps digestion, quenches thirst, terminated internal bleeding, download bumps. Of course, you should not overuse vinegar; it is to be used in moderate quantity. In the past, nervousness, agitation and violent causeless rage were also treated by vinegar, which was added to the infusion of soothing herbs mixed with honey. Nowadays, the role of vinegar to enhance metabolism and reduce obesity has been scientifically proven.